What is Metadata

The data which describes other data is known as Metadata. Metadata provides information about a particular item’s content. It describes how the data was collected, by whom the data was collected, how the data was formatted and all the details. For example – Metadata about a text document may contain information about how long the document is, when was the document written, who was the author of the document, about the summary of the document or Metadata about a video file may describe how large the video is, the resolution of the video, the color depth, and other data also.

A metadata schema contains a number of characteristics. These characteristics may include a number of elements, name of each element, meaning of each element, size or duration of the element etc…

Metadata is also hidden inside of the websites so that search engine can access the information. The search engine searches the keywords which the user inputs and locates the website’s page which contains the searched metadata and then displays the results to the user with the help of metadata. It is also important for businesses because it helps the people in finding the company’s websites and can further benefit if people become the customers through websites.

The main components of metadata are its:

Title – It is the most important part of metadata. For example – In any business, the most important part of company’s website is its title only. It helps in telling the others what the webpage is all about and can also attract a lot of potential customers too. Description – It basically tells the summary of the webpage. Important keywords and phrases should be used which a person wants to convey to people about his or her business. Keywords – Metadata keywords are basically the terms that informs the people about the webpage and what is it all about. These are similar to Metadata description despite the fact that the keywords are used to tell the search engines about a particular page.

Thus, Metadata provides the useful information about the terms which a person might be looking for and also helpful in expanding the business by conveying people using right title, description and keywords. Metadata is also useful in understanding information stored in data warehouses and is also used in XML-based Web Applications.

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