What Is Metastasis

Metastasis or metastatic disease causes disease to spread from one organ to another that can be non adjacent to it. Usually it is defined as the spread of cancer from one part of body to another part of the body which is not even related to the infected organ.

If the cancerous nodes spread to the organs which are adjacent to the infected organ, then it is not defined as metastasis. If a person is diagnosed with cancer, then it is very important to diagnose whether he is locally infected with the cancerous tumor or cancer has been spread to the other part of the body too as if it is not spread to the other body parts, then there is still a possibility to cure it. But if it is spread to the other organs too then it is very difficult to treat it and cure it completely. It can become a life threatening disease for the patient. Metastasis does not happen suddenly. The cancerous tissues spread to the other organs slowly. It takes much time and sometimes, there would not be even symptoms which will indicate that the person is infected with cancer. It can be any type of cancer like skin cancer, blood cancer, breast cancer etc.

The cancerous tissues circulate through the bloodstream and then spread to the other parts. When the cancer spreads to the other organs then it is said to be the secondary or metastases tumor. For e.g. if a person has breast cancer and it spreads to any other part like lungs, then it would not be called as lung cancer. It would be called as metastatic breast cancer. In most of the cases, cancerous tumor originates from breast, skin, colon, kidney, lung etc.

The organs from where the cancer tumor originates are called as primary organs. Metastasis cancer can have symptoms like headaches, bone pain, jaundice etc. If it is a lung cancer, then shortness of breath can be a primary symptom of cancer infection. A person with prostate cancer may feel lower back pain frequently. Metastasis Cancer can be diagnosed when the cancerous tissues are examined under a microscope. The physician will tell you whether the cells examined were primary or secondary.

Metastasis is often found at a later stage of cancer. It develops slowly. It can be prevented with the regular check – ups. If cancer has been diagnosed, then it can be treated with various treatments depending on the type of the cancer and the severity of the situation. There are many types of methods to treat cancer like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biological therapy, surgery etc. Oncologists are the specialists of cancer and only they will be able to tell you which method would be most efficient for you.