What is Method Acting

These days acting is very popular as a career.  On television, we watch numerous talent hunts that give a large exposure to the raw talents all around the globe.  Method acting is almost like preparing yourself and polishing your talent with a good preplan.  With the method acting, the aspiring actors get the opportunity to give a good performance revealing the deep emotions and true grit.  You would be astound to know that most of the popular actors have once adopted the technique of the method acting, if you really want get the edge in the performance then the method acting would be the key.

Here are some of the useful tricks and method of method acting

  • For acting, the first step, which is important, is that of imagination.  You have to think about all the actions and emotions and prepare yourself to stretch the mind to feel on the stage.  You need to wear your emotions in your sleeves and romance with all the ideas and situation in your head.  Suppose, if you want to become an action hero, you need to train your brain to think about the actions, fighting, tragedy, and everything.  This exercise would help you put yourself always in the familiar situation, and avoid the unnecessary nervousness.
  • Before acting, one must peruse the scene properly.  You must be familiar about the situation and the character you are playing.  If the character is caricatured in the sad, angry, hurt or the depressed mood, you must be able to reveal the similar emotions.  Through method acting, you get the proper rehearsal, about the character and role.  Through the method acting, you can give the best performance at the first shot.  Here the crucial thing is that you need to know the story properly.  Since, without knowing the story the character would be an alien for you.
  • Once you know the true emotions of a role that you are going to play associate that emotion with your personal life experience.  Sometimes, these emotions would take you closer to your family and friends ensuring a very good acting at your end.  However, you should not become overexcited at the time of the role-play.  The emotion needs to be ejected with the proper self-consciousness.
  • While method acting, you should be able to learn your lines and try to deliver it properly.  While delivering those lines make sure that you are able to deliver them with proper emotional intensity.
  • Before getting on the stage, just be prepared emotionally and do it without thinking about the judge and audience.  Make sure that you are the acting to make the character alive and after your performance, you should feel a great deal of satisfaction.
  • You can also try method acting by reading books and by watching movie scene by scene and try to mimicry the same.  You should also try to learn the subtleties of acting, dialogues and observe the actors and characters walk, speak, and talk during the play of a certain role.



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