What Is Methotrexate

Suffering psoriasis is annoying. Skin will turn into dryness and redness. There are several parts of body that are prone to psoriasis such as are elbows, finger nails, toes and knees. To some extent, it will lead on psoriasis nail dystrophy.  Do you wonder about the causes of psoriasis? Genetic is major factor of this skin problem even though environmental condition also plays a role in this occurrence. Methotrexate is considered as effective medicine for curing psoriasis and can replace other treatments such as creams, phototherapy, and photo chemotherapy. Identifying more about Methotrexate unveils any benefits derived from this treatment,

What is Methotrexate? It is an effective treatment for psoriasis that applies systematic method in the recovery process. The treatment can be executed in two ways: oral medication and injection. How does it work? It cures for psoriasis into the core by reducing the rate of skin cell growth and repress the auto immune-deficiency inside body. This treatment is then continued by lowering the inflammation risk that may occur during the recovery treatment. Due to its double actions for relieving psoriasis, Methotrexate soar its popularity and becomes top notch medication choice for the sufferers.

The downside of Methotrexate


Besides identifying the benefits of Methotrexate in curing psoriasis, a study hinted that this treatment brings side effects, which are later unveiled at the following paragraphs.


1. Stomachache

One significant side effect which can be noticed after taking this treatment is stomachache and loss appetite, particularly when consumed in high dosage. Therefore consulting with physician for good advice is necessary to prepare its side effects.


2. Lack of immune system

Methotrexate is effective treatment for relieving psoriasis but it also breaks down the immunity system and leave the body into vulnerable condition. Living amid this condition makes people sensitive and vulnerable to some diseases. Also it can influence the stability of self recovery process. Getting through this solution also requires consideration to prevent regret at end.


3. High blood pressure

The use of Methotrexate also triggers high blood pressure if done improperly. Thus if you are prone to this disease, be sure to reconsider your decision before taking the plunge. Indeed high blood pressure is a real side effect that requires prevention.

  1.  Abnormal level of sugar blood

Taking this medication in high dosage and in long term will finally influence stable level of sugar blood. It is necessary to notice this aspect when it comes to relieve psoriasis.

      2.  Kidney Failure

Like other medications, Methotrexate also can trigger kidney failure when consumed in high dosage

      3.  Liver damage

Be careful, not only does kidney suffer the damage, but liver also comes with this problem. Liver requires good treatment to recovery and we should keep its health to stay fit all time.

Due to some side effects from the use of Methotrexate, this treatment is set as the last option to cure for psoriasis. This medication is only prescribed when other treatments aren’t working out. Methotrexate takes approximately six to 12 months in recovery period. After this period, it is necessary to replace with other medications to prevent worse side effects.