What is Mindfulness

The purpose of Mindfulness coaching is not to accomplish an ad hoc state of calmness and clarity that exist when you contemplate and later vanishes all along the day. The main goal of Mindfulness coaching is to evenly develop your baseline of calmness and clarity all over the day. In simple words, the aim of Mindfulness coaching is not to generate certain ad hoc states in consciousness, yet to increase certain attributes in consciousness.

Consequences of Mindfulness

Before trying to understand mindfulness, we need to know why mindfulness is important. According to Buddhist philosophy, mindfulness is considered as one of the important faculty for the path of enlightenment. Enlightenment is a state of being free of worldly concerns by overcoming hatred, anger and delusion. Attaining mindfulness is considered to be a key to wisdom. In western psychology, many of the Buddhist practices of gaining mindfulness are being employed to cure a variety of mental and physical problems, including anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression and drug addiction.

How to practice Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness could be meditation by simply watching the breath, where you have to maintain your focus and attention to the chosen object of awareness and refocus and return back to the chosen object, whenever the mind wanders off away from it. Another way of practicing mindfulness is to know and acute your ambitions. Here, ambition means your desire to change “what is” to “what should be”. The desire to get better results, money, beauty and all other are ambitions which lead to greed and ultimate loneliness. The relationships which are formed to alleviate this loneliness are filled with hatred, jealousy and dependency, and thus it lead to suffering. Thus, the ambitions are the cause of the vicious cycle of loneliness and suffering, which destroys the physical and the mental health of the human beings.

Inner Peace through Mindfulness

  • To have a loving selfless relationship and to bring peace to the mind, it is necessary to be free from ambition.
  • There is an urgent need to get free of your ambition and attain mindfulness for a healthy and prosperous life. The only way to do this is to observe and watch your life carefully at every point.
  • Accept the things and situations as it comes your way, without wanting to change any of it. You have to observe everything without any prejudice to accept it whole heartedly.

Sometimes, Scientists talk about the “arbitrary influence” of mathematics. By this, they summarize that when elementary mathematical procedures are used to design the normal world. However, it is now crystal clear that the procedure of Mindfulness is too effective way in order to develop inner happiness.

How Mindfulness leads to Intelligence

Observing without wanting to change anything will make your mind sensitive towards any kind of ambition that tries to enter your thoughts, and will give you energy and will to cut down that ambition. This stage of extraordinary sensitivity towards ambition makes you very intelligent, and thus, wise. Therefore, the point when you overcome your desires and ambitions, you attain mindfulness and wisdom.