What Is Mineral Powder Makeup

Cosmetics have been used from the earliest civilization to enhance people’s complexion since antiquity. Face painting is mentioned in the Christian bible and ancient Egyptians used foundation to enhance their looks. Both men and women have used makeup for different purposes; mostly it was used to lighten the skin tone. Mineral powder makeup usually refers to a foundation that is loosely powdered in format. Certain mineral are used in the makeup which make the base of the mineral, this include mica, bismuth, titanium dioxide among other minerals. Talc makeup can also be considered a mineral makeup and hence when one refers to talc based makeup they need to consider the makeup as being mineral based.

Most o the so called mineral makeup may not necessary be made entirely of minerals, they are usually partly mineral or may be all mineral which is not very common. At times the so called mineral powder makeup may contain less than 1% of the mentioned mineral as part of the finished formula. If this argument and approach was to be used to classify all makeup then we can say all makeup is mineral based. To ensure that the client is sure what they are using the FDA requires that all makeup have the contents listed down on the cosmetic in a descending order of predominance.

This is done so that the buyer while choosing the particular makeup will simply examine the list and recognize the common minerals that are required. This knowledge will guide the client when they are choosing the particular makeup from the others in the market at any one particular time. Some makeup contain more minerals than others and the consumer must chose wisely the right type of mineral powder makeup they use which is appropriate for their taste and complexion.

Because minerals are often mined products from the surface of the earth no manufacturer can use the term “organic” when they are referring to a mineral product they have manufactured from minerals. Therefore one should not be fooled by any such term if the product that carries the term is made from minerals. In certain instances the makers of the cosmetics may opt to combine both mineral and organic ingredients in their finished product. In such circumstances they can refer to the finished product as natural since such terms have been left open by the FDA for use by the manufactures as they like depending on the formula used to make the finished product. This leaves some leeway for the manufactures to sell the products using the terms natural or hypo-allergenic as they deem necessary. As long as the manufacturer does not violate the FDA rules that govern makeup then they can use a range of terms to assist in marketing their products