What is Mitosis

Do you know that a human body is made up of thousand of trillion of cells. Taking an example if you manage to arrange thousand of papers and pile them up then you can physically touch the moon and come back and you can do it number of times. But we didn’t realize it. But will you believe it that at the beginning we started with only one cell and then become thousand of cell.


Now the question lies how it becomes possible? How only one cell become thousand of trillion of cells? Here comes the concept of mitosis. Mitosis is a process of cell division where the one eukaryotic cell or we can say a mother cell gets divided and produce two daughter cells which will be genetically identical. If you elaborate precisely then we can say that cell division’s scientific term is mitosis and it involves the process of nucleus division of the cell. As the nucleus division of the cell takes place therefore it will produce two sets of chromosomes which will be identically same. After that cytokinesis takes place which results in dividing cytoplasm of the mother cell in the process of developing two daughter cells.


Now before going further discussion regarding mitosis you must know the term interphase. As we come to know that mitosis is the biological process of cell division but this process has to undergo the interphase stage. Basically interphase is also known as “holding” period or you can say a period in between of two consecutive cell divisions. In the interphase period the organelles and the genetic material get replicated.

Stages of mitosis

There are several stages of mitosis. Those are:

  • Prophase- in this process the chromatin gets condenses into distinct chromosomes and the spindles from at the opposite “poles” brakes down after the nuclear get rips off.
  • Metaphase – in this phase the chromosomes get aligned with the metaphase plate which is equally far-off from the two spindle poles.
  • Anaphase – in this phase the sister chromatids or the paired chromosomes go to the other end of the cell.
  • Telophase – this is the last stage of the mitosis. In this stage cordoned off the chromosomes in the discrete new nuclei of the new daughter cell takes place. This stage will also involve the cytokinesis process in which the cytoplasm of the mother cell gets divided.

After that stage two discrete cells are produced this will be genetically identical.

But don’t get confused with the meiosis. Mitosis and the meiosis are not same. Briefly described of the difference is:

  • In mitosis two sets of complete chromosomes will get produced in each daughter cell.
  • In meiosis only one set of complete chromosomes will get produced each daughter cell.

This is all about mitosis.

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