What is Mobile Marketing

Every company who is competitive in creating, delivering and communicating superior customer value to its chosen target markets will have to do marketing of product. If the same types of goods are available in the market, then the entrepreneur has to choose as to which place marketing has to be done and what kind of marketing it would be. Company has to decide the effective tool of marketing, in today’s there are several tools available in the market such as Print Advertising, Direct Mail, TV and Radio , Online Marketing, Pay Per Click, Banner Advertising, email marketing and organic search. Among all these, MOBILE MARKETING is rapidly making a good image from both customers and organization point of view.

Mobile marketing is the use of wireless media as an integrated content delivery and direct response vehicle within a cross-media marketing communications program OR the ability to connect brands to customers via the mobile phone, where the mobile is being rapidly integrated into multichannel marketing strategies. Global market research outlook for mobile advertising estimates around $10B by 2010. Mobile marketing messages are sent instantaneously to consumer’s most personal communication device, their mobile phones and in a non-intrusive manner, they can read it at their convenience. Various Mobile Marketing Tools are available in market today which are being widely used by the companies to maintain goodwill and market their products like text to win, voting and participation TV, quizzes, mobile content, games, applications, mms, ticketing, mobile internet etc.


1. Mobile marketing is measurable tool with high returns on investment and definitely with low capital outlay.
2. As mobile phones are personal tools, this gives marketer a possibility of precise targeting , which helps in making personal connection with customer.
3. Mobile marketing is extremely effective as the consumers only need to make an option of marketing service in their mobile and they take it as a message source and this makes them respond to the message which is benefit for the marketer.
4. This is one of the most cost-effective marketing mediums available with targeted mobile marketing campaigns. Mobile messaging radically reduces the production and distribution cost of marketing messages.
5. It allows customers to interact indirectly with the marketing company through messages on their favorite subjects with very high response rate.


1. An SMS has a limited length of 160 words, and the limitation is that message needs to be send up to 160 words only which cannot be enough to explain fully about the product.
2. The uneducated people who use mobile but cannot read and understand the message will have no effects on them but company will bear cost of this.
3. An unsolicited commercial message could harm the relationship between brand and audience.

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