What Is Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing is the therapy in which therapist has a conversation with the client. Main aim of this therapy is to establish self-sufficiency in the mind of client.

Motivational interviewing is the process in which two persons are involved i.e. a therapist and a client. The client is also sometimes called as patient because in this process a kind of treatment is done with him. Motivational interviewing is done by the therapist on the client who is undergoing some bad conditions due to his own thinking or mentality. Self-sufficiency and independence are the main reasons which are established by the therapist on the mind of client or patient. This therapy is sometimes organized by the client himself and sometimes people who are close to the patient organize this therapy by contacting any good organization or institution.

In this process, the most important thing that therapist keeps in mind is that he is working with the client and not against the client. So the therapist always thinks about every step and proceeds accordingly because a wrong step can prove to be enough for the therapy to fail as the client will get out of the rhythm. Therapist needs to talk to a client in a general manner but he should encourage the client to talk and share everything independently and without any hesitation. Manner of talking to patient is of utmost importance so therapist should know how to react in every situation so that patient feels comfortable to share everything which may be useful for the therapy.

Motivational interviewing involves interviewing people who are addicted to something so addiction treatment is done is different way. As we know that people get addicted to drugs due to any depression in life like emotional depression or financial crisis. In this case, the therapist generally talks about drugs and eventually the client starts talking about it. During this conversation, client gets involved completely and as the result he shares everything about the addiction. Therapist expects this and as soon as the client starts talking about his addiction, therapist tries his level best to treat him perfectly. Therapist makes an effort to make the client understand that getting addicted to drugs is not a good thing and about its harmful effects. Most of the clients understand whatever therapist says and if they improve therapist do a good job.

If you are interested to become a therapist in this field then you can do a course from several well-known institutions. Institutions teach you how to handle the clients and how to talk to them so that they share their problems. Once this is over, you are asked to go for a practical therapy in which an experienced therapist guides you. Ultimately, when you are experienced then you are given a license after which you can perform your own work.