What Is Mp3

Mp3 is a universal digital audio encoding format which came into prominence in the early 90s. Mp3 stands for MPEG-1 audio layer 3 and its compression rate is very high but it doesn’t affect the quality of the audio. The advent of peer to peer networking and high speed Internet connection made mp3 a popular file sharing format.  

Recording of voices and music has led to the evolution audio storing hardwares such as tapes and cassettes. As we know, everything has its time and the same happened to music tapes and cassettes. The advent of computer lead to the invention of music player application. This application operates on files containing encoded audio. Mp3 is an audio file extension which is the smallest form of an audio file available. MP3 completed changed the structure of both IT and entertainment industry around the globe

Structure of mp3

Mp3 stands for MPEG-1 Audio layer 3. This notation technically stands for digital audio encoding format. Mp3 audio encoding proficiently compresses the lossless data without effecting its quality. The mp3 encoding reduces the audio to its minimum but keeps the quality and doesn’t ruins the audio output. Audio encoding is done over a specific bit rate. An mp3 can be played through mp3 playing software which reads the mp3 audio file at the particular bit rate. The mp3 files contains multiple MPEG-1 frames which contains headers and data structures. These frames have data which is in the form of bits. The bit rate is  the processing speed of  audio data in bits while a mp3 player reads the data in mp3 files. The output of every mp3 file depends on its bit rate.

The Moving Picture Experts Group or MPEG maintains mp3 standards and are accountable for its encoding. The MPEG is also responsible for video encoding also. 

Impact of mp3 on IT

This digital audio encoding format came into prominence in the early 90s. However, at that time the application of computer was only confined to corporate houses. Software developers at that time were focusing more on office automation softwares. 

The introduction of INTERNET and high speed broadband brought the concept of telecommunication through computers. Soon, file sharing become popular over the world wide web. Still, it was difficult to transfer audio and video over Internet because of the file size. The inception of mp3 resolved this issue and audio file sharing over Internet became a reality.

In 1998, a networking company by the name of Napster gave a path-breaking solution known as peer to peer file sharing and soon mp3 became the most popular file sharing format over the Internet. 

Since then there is no looking back, mp3 became a global file sharing format. In 2001, Apple computers took mp3 format to a new level and created a Mp3 player known as Ipod. Ipod is a miniature version of computer system which has the hardware dedicated to mp3 playing only.