What is Multilink PPP

PPP is for protocol for point to point. It is used in communications to help PC users. By its use the PC user is enabled to use two ports of communications like a single one but with better band width. You can use two modems for connecting to the internet. This is the benefit of getting you twice the speed for transferring data. There are different names given to multilink PPP such as multi PPP, ML-PPP or MP. This concept has been in use for quite some time though the technology was called RFC1717.       

 In present day conditions the ML-PPP is usable for variety of users in the communications field with different modems. The different modems are telephone dial–up, and cable modems. They can be used for internet connections via satellite or fiber optic systems. In theory, it is possible to group connections among various media using a ML-PPP. However, it is a very complicated process and very difficult in actual implementation.

 For a successful connection the speed of data transfer of the links being connected must be the same as otherwise slower link drags down the entire output. The communication system of two links must be properly in place, if the ML-PPP has to be used to their advantage. The operational system of the computer also must be such that it supports the ML-PPP. Similarly, ML-PPP must receive support from the internet service provider. This explains the view that implementation of combining connections using ML-PPP has practical difficulty.

 ML-PPP is a full-fledged protocol with duplex feature. It is used for communication between different computers. The protocol uses a serial interface. After installation you get error correction. The computer will be able to handle of both synchronous and asynchronous nature. These are all developments of technology brought out both by research and also as a result of practical experience. Many developments are also of need based to correct deficiencies in prevailing systems. The computer itself is matter of continuous change both in respect of hardware and software.

 Globalization is supposed to have brought the world together. In fact, it has been really achieved by the revolution that has been going on the electronic and communications field. Developments of PC and internet have been the hallmarks of the latter half of the20thentury.  Faster and more efficient communication, connectivity between various sources and appliances etc are developments that have led to the shrinking of the world. Effective uses of the computer, the internet and accessories have contributed to the development of various aspects for improvement of life in general. 

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