What is Multiple Personality Disorder

Multiple personality disorder is also referred to as ‘dissociative identity disorder’, in medical terms. As the name suggests, the person suffering from this disorder displays traits of multiple personalities at different instances of time. This is one such disorder wherein the person who shows signs of the disease is completely unaware of the risk that he is posed to. The transition from one personality to the other happens under various circumstances and the exact reason for this kind of behavior has not been arrived at yet. Medication though available to reduce the impact and seriousness of the ailment, does not guarantee compete cure unless the main reason for the onset of multiple personality disorder is figured out.

 It would be sensible to learn more about some of the most common symptoms of multiple personality disorder. Generally, most cases of multiple personality disorder are wherein the person shows more than one personality in his behavior. People suffering from this disorder are very unstable mentally and tend to lose their temper for no justifiable reason. They show signs of depression at times and experience severe headaches prior to the onset of the second personality in them. Memory loss that occurs in them can be a serious problem in the future, if not dealt with carefully at an early stage itself. The diagnosis of the ailment gets difficult as some of the symptoms of this disease are similar to the ones exhibited by other disorders related to the mind. Thus, one has to ensure that he comes to conclusion about the presence of multiple personality disorder in the patient, only after consulting with an expert psychiatrist.

 Some causes for the occurrence of multiple personality disorder are said to be the sexual abuse or physical abuse that must have happened to a person in his childhood. In people who are drug addicts, the chances of multiple personality disorder being reported are very high. Though these are the main reasons for the occurrence of multiple personality disorder, one has to understand the fact that there might be other personal issues that a person deals with subconsciously for a long period of time, that show up as multiple personalities in him.

 The treatment for multiple personality disorder can provide the best results only when the psychiatrist tries to find out more about the past of the person and the figure out the exact reason for the showing up of this disorder in him. Since, there are chances of the patient hurting himself unconsciously when under attack, it is important that the family never leaves him alone.

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