What is Muscular Dystrophy

Several ailments could affect the normal functioning of the human system. Some are critical, some are fatal and some others could be met out easily with the help of standard treatments. One of the ailments that is caused due to the improper instructions in the genes or the lapse of particular genetic material is the muscular dystrophy. The genetic codes are either misinterpreted or absent as a natural abnormality and because of this syndrome, the body is able to produce its protein that is an essential constituent to build muscles in the human body. Protein could be referred as the fundamental building block of the human body. It is a combination of chain of amino acids. It is formed with the aid of healthy food items consumed by the humans. It could be from the meat as well as several other naturally occurring vegetable also. There are different kinds of protein available and the sources would also vary accordingly.

When the body lacks the capability to produce this essential ingredient, the protein, the condition is referred to be the muscular dystrophy. There are more than about thirty different kinds of this particular disease. Some of these diseases affect individuals at a very earlier stage itself. While some of them do affect the victims later on when they are grown up. The body might not be completely able to produce any protein at all, in some cases. They would be able to do their function but not to the fullest. In certain cases, things could be worse. Symptoms shown in the early stages are highly unpredictable to diagnose the problem as MD.

Muscular dystrophy is not a contagious disease. It means it cannot spread from one person to the other. Kids do catch up with some problems just because of the fact that there is a disorder in their genetic codes. The height of the person, the color of the eye, the hair color and many other important aspects of the individuals are determined by this genetic make up. This genetic combination is derived from the parents and it passes on from one to the other since hereditariness. It is why you could notice certain inabilities in individuals are characteristics of the whole dynasty as a whole.

On the contrary, certain special abilities such as the grasping power, interest towards music and so on, are characteristics of the families from several generations together. It is in their genes already and there cannot be much done towards changing or altering it. Any such efforts could simply end up in a fatal collapse. Researches are still in the preliminary stages in this particular aspect and hence, there is no remedy for the aberrations caused due to heredity. Genetic engineering is the branch of science that deals with all such issues and doctors in the field are able to treat these individuals appropriately with the aid of certain specific kind of treatments.

Kids might not show significant differences from the other kids when the ailment is in its initial stages. Gradually symptoms start to show up. In due course of time, kids have to take up the aid of wheel chairs and special equipments meant for this purpose.