What is Myalgia

Myalgia is muscle pain. It is caused due to number of diseases and conditions. Myalgia is derived from the Greek word myos that means muscle and algos means pain. The pain in the muscles can be acute and it can start suddenly and usually it is of short duration. It can be caused due to various disorders and some infections like influenza, HIV etc. It can also be triggered due to over stretching of the muscles. Common conditions associated with myalgia are fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Mylagia is of two types:

Polymyalgia and Epidemic myalgia

Polymyalgia is also known as polymyalgia rheumatic which causes pain and stiffeness of multiple muscles and joints which can also include neck and shoulders. It is usually seen in older people. Epidemic myalgia is also called Bornholm disease and it is a viral infection that can produce severe pain in the muscles. Fibromyalgia is another type of myalgia that can cause pain in hips, knees, elbows, neck. These points are called tender points as they can pain even if touched slightly.

Myalgia can be caused due to stress, overuse of muscles or certain damage in muscles. Myalgia can also be a sign for some serious diseases like fibromyalgia, malaria, influenza, polio, lupus or multiple sclerosis, arthritis etc. It can also be caused due to poor sleep, mental stress or due to some respiratory infections too.

Treatment of myalgia usually depends upon the underlying cause. For over exertion or certain injury, you should try to take rest and you can also apply ice on the bruises if any. Try to avoid the over use of muscles. Take enough sleep. If it is due to some infection, then it is better to consult a good doctor and can take some medication and proper treatment. Use of heat can also reduce pain. Methods of treatment like acupuncture, aromatherapy and massage therapy can also help you out of this problem.

Myalgia is not a serious or life threatening disease. However, living with this disease can be annoying and sometimes pain can be too severe to tolerate. So you should try to diagnose the root cause of the problem. Once will get to know about the underlying problem, you can then avoid that condition or you can try to reduce the occurrence of that condition. To live healthy, eat healthy. Adopt healthy life style and make exercise as a part of your routine. If you will adopt these measures, you will decrease the risk of developing various diseases can live a healthy and happy life.

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