What is Myopathy

Neuro muscular disorder of any kind could be generally brought under the category of myopathy. Muscular pain could be witnessed in almost all the cases of the myopathy. In some cases, one could feel the muscles to be weak and stiff to be largely variant from the usual nature. While the above mentioned symptoms could be generic, there are characteristic symptoms as well. It is with the help of these particular specific symptoms, the diagnosis of the specific type of myopathy is being made by the physicians.

Sometimes it is a challenging task for the doctor to rightly diagnose the ailment even after the disease has started to affect the person to a certain extent. It is this difficulty which the physicians well want to overcome. Right diagnosis could pave way for the right kind of treatment further. Any delay in the treatment could be vulnerable to the patient to intensify the disease further. Hence, extensive research is going on currently in different parts of the world to rightly diagnose the particular type of myopathy in the individuals well in the early stages itself.

The most familiar amidst myopathy ailments is the congenital myopathy. It is an inherited disease most of the times. There are individuals that develop a variety of such ailments during the course of their life. The reasons again are plenty though. The endocrine related types are the ones that are most vulnerable in the myopathy categories.

Congenital myopathy cannot be cured absolutely. Still, there are therapies and certain kinds of treatments that could mitigate the issue to a certain extent and permit the patient to feel a lot better than otherwise. Hence, it is advisable to seek the advice of the physicians to find out the right kind of therapies that will be good for your particular type of ailment. Moreover, there is no necessity that both the parents have to have the congenital myopathy to pass on the disease to the baby.

Any one of the parent that is affected could transfer the disease to the newly born baby. It is because of the simple fact that the myopathy causing gene is dominant enough as it lies in the X chromosome. There are equal possibilities that both the genders of the babies that are born to the myopathy patient have equal chances of catching up with the disease. Inflammatory myopathies are not of such a kind though. They are acquired in due course of time.

Skin will appear to be badly red. Dermatomyositis is one of these kinds of myopathies. There is one more variety also called as the polymyositis. The connective tissues in the individuals are affected by means of the polymyositis.  The tendons, the cartilage and the blood vessels are usually referred to be the connective tissues of the skeletal system in the human body. The indiviudals muscles are affected badly by the polymyositis. In case of serious such ailments; there are chances that the person might not be able to walk at all.