What is Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish Remover is a product that brings back the smile on a girl’s face when she is all frowning as she had extended her Nail polish to exterior regions of her nail, or when she comes back from a wedding or a party and is now no longer excited to see that nail paint adorning her nails.

Acetone is the chemical that works all the wonders behind this product and just a slight application of Nail Polish Remover and its gone, all the paint that is tapered and faded which makes your nails look ugly vanishes in a fraction of second.

The various combinations that are used to make a Nail Polish remover are Alcohol and Butyl acetate or ethyl acetate.  So various brand available may have different composition.

But here is the drawback, some of these may dehydrate the skin or cause irritation to the eyes and sometimes excess has also recorded to cause dryness of nails and make them brittle. Some of these are highly inflammable and must be kept in cool temperature.

To keep safe from the brittleness side effect some removers may contain conditioning agents like castor oil, lanolin or cetyl palmitate.

Basically it is a chemical compound which can dissolve the substances which are in the Nail Polish with, there are various brands of nail polish available in the market and some of them are really economic hence one doesn’t have to think about one’s pocket before she goes out for shopping.

There may be any Nail Polish, doesn’t matter which brand, which colour, Nail Polish Remover is a Product that works for all, it doesn’t leave a single trace and hence there is no Big Deal whether you buy an Expensive one or an Economic one there is not much of a difference in effectiveness since all it has to do is to remove the traces of nail Polish that make the nails look hideous due to random streaks that remain once the polish fades away.

How a Nail Polish remover works?

Basically the dissolvent breaks down the polymer chain that has solidified upon the nails and when they break down they are converted into liquid form which is thereafter dissolved into it and swiped away from nails leaving not even the slightest of trace that there was anything ever present there.

How to apply nail Polish Remover?

The most widely available nail polish remover is liquid, so it has to be taken out on a cotton swab and wiped over the fingernails over which the polish is present. It depends how many coats had been initially applied and the amount varies accordingly, i.e. all the polish may remove in 1 go or may need a couple more cotton swabs to finally take off all the nail paint.


Finally when you are done with it, you can see your nails shining as clear as before with glossy grace, ready to take up any other nail paint the next time.

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