What is Name Resolution Systems

A name resolution system provides a way for your network users to refer to computers on the network using names, rather than cryptic machine addresses. When your users access Web servers using Internet Explorer or other Web browsers, they can type the IP address of the computer they want to access; but it is far easier to type a name that is easily remembered. Server provides automatics IP address administration with the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) and name resolution with WINS (Windows Internet Naming Service). These services are discussed briefly here with regard to naming procedures.

WINS is similar to DNS in that it provides friendly names, but WINS names are not Internet compatible. You can set up a DNS (Domain Name System) server if you want Internet-compatible.

If your network is small, you can create an LMHOSTS file that contains computer name-to-IP address mapping. Although the file is a simple text file and you must type the mappings by hand, this technique is useful if your network mappings do not change often. However, consider that the file must be stored and updated on every computer on the network.

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