What Is Naproxen

Naproxen is an anti inflammatory drug which belongs to profen group of Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs i.e. NSAID. This is a chemical derivative which was firstly launched in market in 1980 as a name of Anaprox. It is an odorless, white colored crystalline substance which is medically useful for pharmaceutical companies. It is basically used as a pain relief and antipyretic agent.

Naproxen is not soluble in water and soluble in lipids. This drug works by inhibiting the catalytic activity of COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes. It is used as the medicine against fever and pain due to tendinitis, spondylitis, arthritis and cramping during menstrual cycle in women. This drug effectively performs suppression of hormones which are responsible for inflammation and pain. Although naproxen is a pain reducing drug but its exceptional use can be hazardous to the health of a person who is taking it continuously for a long time period. The primary risk includes failure in cardiac activity and strokes. Excess use of this drug might also give rise to decreased visual activity, less balancing power and weakness in a body. This type of medicine can also harm gastrointestinal region by causing perforation and inflammation of intestines. These conditions may become fatal if do not noticed within the time.

The person who is taking naproxen as a medicine should avoid drinking alcohol because it can lead to the problem of stomach bleeding. Regular intake of naproxen increases susceptibility of the skin for sunlight and give rise to pigmentation. The person using naproxen should not utilize any other medication for the reduction of pain and inflammation during the use of naproxen. It may cause excess intake of this sort of medicine unintentionally.  Moreover, it is suggested that pregnant women and old people should avoid taking this drug. Taking naproxen during the last trimester of pregnancy can cause adverse effects on the birth of the baby. Lactating mother should also take care that intake of this drug can reach to the child through mother milk and may be harmful to the baby.  

A person should not use naproxen medicine if it is suffering from any kind of heart disease. Similarly, those people who have ever faced heart attack or hypertension should avoid this kind of medication. A person having asthma, hepatic disease, renal disorder or gastric ulcer is not advised to take naproxen. The person having allergic history for NSAID drugs are not subjected for taking naproxen. A person should also omit the intake of this medicine just before or after a heart surgery. Thus, it is better for a person to take suggestions from a doctor before using this drug as a medicine.