What is Narcissism

There is no one meaning that can be tied to the name narcissism. There are different variations of the meaning of this word and it also depends on the context in which it is used. Here are some of the contexts in which the term can be used:

  • A psychoanalytic theory which forms the basis of the same
  • A mental illness
  • A personality trait
  • A socio-cultural problem

Sometimes, this term can be used for healthy-self love where one person loves themselves totally and care less about what is happening to their neighbour.

In a general sense, this term is used to describe how a person relates with themselves or with others. In the normal talk between people these days, you may hear one person call the other a narcissist. In this way, they are trying to portray some character trait in the other person that revolves around the other person thinking more of themselves than other e.g. an ego issue, outright selfishness, conceit etc.

Focusing on narcissism from a character trait point of view, it can be seen as something that is done often to an actual disorder that has to be dealt with as it leads to some unexpected behaviour. With the current narcissists who fall within this category, it seems that they need other people who can validate what they are worth. It is not that they are liked; it is that they like to be admired. There are some studies that have proved this point: narcissists prefer being admired than being liked.

Narcissist have the characteristics of being charming, attractive and showing a lot of self-confidence. If such a person can have a number of friends who admire them and they protect themselves of the high esteem they have of themselves, they can be able to work through life very easily. On the other hand, such people can get ticked off very easily. Since they expect to be treated with high esteem, if they come across someone who doesn’t recognize that, they will get very offended and even go to the extent of holding grudges.

One of the good things about narcissistic people is that even when faced with difficulties, they care less. Narcissists will always claim that the fault is not theirs but the other person. They take the blame away from themselves. There are various levels of narcissism where there is the extreme and the very mild. The people with mild narcissism are tolerable while the other extreme can be intolerable. I guess you should love yourself enough not to be a narcissist.