What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Self centered people who lack empathy towards society with self importance highlighted in their nature are considered to be suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This is a lifetime disorder and unless the person realizes the fault in his nature, effectively curing the disease is a remote possibility. It is a pity that the person affected by this disorder never realizes that his attitude is making a negative impact in his family and social life and also in the relationships at the work place. Fortunately this disorder affects very few people compared to other personality disorders that affect a vast majority of people.

A survey conducted in the USA has indicated only about 1% of the population in the adult group has been affected and it is more prevalent in men than in women. The case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder has been studied and a few symptoms have been identified as the general characteristic of the disorder. The most important among these is the person’s highly exaggerated idea of his achievements and abilities.  Being self centered will be constantly looking for attention and praise.

Consideration of self as unique and as better than the rest with constant exploitation of others to achieve personal gains are other important symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Envy of others , constant expectation of getting special treatment always and everywhere are other general attributes. What however leads people to abhor the company of such people is their general lack of empathy towards everything. They may look confident and as a result the behavior will also be arrogant. A person suffering from this disorder will not have any trait making him socially acceptable.

A person suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder requires to be treated by a psychiatrist. But the problem is the person’s feeling of self importance and dislike for criticism prevents him from recognizing the severe personality disorder. It is very difficult even for family members and friends if any to make him agree to see a psychiatrist. It has been found that the disorder can be very effectively treated by individual psycho therapy.

It may be very difficult to maintain the psycho therapy till the person is completely cured of the disorder. The exact cause for this disorder is still not known but is basically due to over indulgence by parents giving the child flight of fancy about superiority over friends and relatives. Until the person come to the realization about the disorder psycho therapy treatment cannot be done effectively. There is another treatment called cognitive behavioral therapy that may help in changing the behavior pattern of the affected person.