What is Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a disorder that causes a person to sleep anytime in the day time even when they are in between of any activity. This can happen while talking, eating or doing any other work. The person might just fall asleep without realizing that they are sleeping. This happens unknowingly and unwontedly. This episode can last for several seconds or can go up to a few minutes.

This disorder is seen mostly in people who are unable to sleep well at night. These people may sleep suddenly in the daytime. They get uncontrollable busts of sleep in the daytime. People suffering from narcolepsy may also attract certain other problems like muscle weakness.

The sleeps in narcolepsy are often accompanied by weird dreams and hallucinations. The patient can suffer from paralyses when he wakes up from the sleep. This condition can be extremely dangerous if a person sleeps in a situation like while driving an automobile or while handling or operating some machinery that requires his total attention.

Narcolepsy is often described as a disease that removes a clear distinction between the sleeping and the awaken state of a person. Most people believe that a person affected with narcolepsy will sleep longer than a normal person. But this does not hold true. In a time period of twenty four hours the amount of sleep is the same or similar. This can be said because people suffering from narcolepsy cannot sleep well at night. They may have other sleep related disorders.

Narcolepsy can affect anybody. It generally starts in the childhood or in adolescence. Males and females have equal chances of getting the disease. It is not even bounded by location. It can occur anywhere in the world. It is not necessary for the family to have a narcolepsy patient for another person to have it. It is a disorder of the brain that can occur to anybody irrespective of the history.

Narcolepsy is incurable. It stays lifelong with a person. It is not that narcolepsy is a very common disease. There are many people suffering from the disease. It is just that the disease is not recognized very often and not treated too often as well. The main symptom is that the person will experience various day time and night time REM related problems. This should taken as a symptom to narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy being a disease that causes a person to suddenly sleep in the middle of the day can be dangerous at ties. They do not realize that they are sleeping. This happens with people who are unable to sleep well at night. It is incurable and can happen to anybody.