What is NASA

NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  It is space agency of the American government, which runs space programs aeronautics and aeronautics research.  The main objective of the NASA is that they want to explore the various strands of the universe.  The history of NASA dates back in the year 1958 that was a feedback to the launch of sputnik by Soviet Union in the year 1957. The main objective of this space research centre is to gather more and more information about earth.  The great astronauts like Neil Armstrong and buzz aldrin are the first men and in fact the pioneer of the manned spaceflights.  They were first human being to fly on the moon, in the year 1968.  The NASA is an administration that is effectively collaborated with the American military force, and caters the services like exploring the universe and the solar system.

NASA has over ten centers across the United States.  A huge number people are employed at the NASA centers, recently it has been estimated that nearly 18,000 people work for NASA.  Through the initial set up NASA has set its goal.  By employing the various projects like mercury, Gemini and Apollo it has made a remarkable standpoint in the flying to the space.  The work progress under NASA is still commendable.  The researches held at NASA are forward with NACA.  This has really the national aeronautics to produce more of scientific researches and develop more and more work in the space technology applications, weather forecasting and communication satellites.  The space centre has taken many of the first steps in the research and development.

After the launch of its successful project, NASA focused on the idea of reusing the spaceship.  The intention behind this idea was the space research centre wanted to make a regular access of space and universe, and simultaneously formulate a new space technology called space shuttle.  You would be amused to know that the first space shuttle was launched in the year 1981, and the device has for the flight of 131 flights that takes off.  NASA has mastered in the field of research and launching this is a reason that they always engaged in discovering new space sciences and technology.  By the year, 1997 the NASA research centre has launched the path finder, an exclusive spacecraft fleet for the first time.  This technology was invented with the conception to fly on the mars and explore the existence of life. The two successful satellites, Terra and Aqua are in the earth’s orbit.

Today NASA works in three different organizations.  These organizations are aeronautics, human explorations, operations, and science.  The aeronautics organization deals with exploring the new technologies of the flights that have practical applications on the earth.  The department deals with human exploration and organizations focus on the international space station and human explorations in the low orbit of earth.

Finally you can say that NASA is working with several goals.