What Is NATO

NATO is the short form of North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which is a military association established on 4th April, 1949. This group was formed when 12 countries signed the NAT (North Atlantic Treaty) in Washington, D.C. The 12 countries of NATO were Belgium, Denmark, Canada, France, Italy, Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United States and the United Kingdom. Every associate country approved to treat attacks on whichever other NATO member countries as if it were and molest on itself. In simple terms, any attacker would have to face the whole association. This was a strategy of anticipation in NATO as well as it was the way of daunting any attacks by Eastern bloc countries and even the Soviet Union.

The NAC (North Atlantic Council) is the essential administrative community in the NATO. This troop is made of the legislative body of the Allies, which include diplomats, leaders, and chief of the country and government. NATO is not having ruled of voting or judgment by majority. This organization is made of groups and abilities contributed by associate nations for diverse operations. Presently, it is engaged in range of assignments and missions all through the world.

Their current major operation is under function in Afghanistan. There the troops from 37 nations are concerned, which include 26 allies and 11 associates of NATO. There are several regional restoration groups known as PRT (Provincial reconstruction teams). These groups are undertaking numerous development and expansion missions.

The military headquarters of NATO is in Herzegovina and Bosnia, which is providing support for European-led actions in the nation. Some time before a request was sent by the AU (African Union) to NATO to give support in the Darfur area, Sudan.

While checking the members list of NATO, the new list of fresh members was added for 7 times since 1949. The present NATO 28 members are Albania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, France, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Iceland, Latvia, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, the UK, Turkey, and the USA.

The group that sets the strategy goals of broad for NATO is known as NATO Parliamentary Assembly. Its short form is NATO-PA, and their meeting is held every year as Annual Session. John S. Tanner is the president of NATO, and he is the spokesperson of Democratic Party of Tennessee. The major function of NATO is to discuss the security policies for NATO members. The structure of NATO is different and policies are different for security. The complete military operations are aimed by Military Committee chairman of NATO.