What Is Netflix

Netflix has been in operation since 1997 with its headquarters in California.  It is a rent-by-mail video company. It is the number one rating site of both films and videos, where customers choose and rent videos of their choice.  It was started by Reed Hastings and his two friends Mitch Lowe and Marc Randolph. They began the company after paying a $40 fine for returning a video late.  This became the turning point as they looked for ways where companies would watch their rented movies in the comfort of their homes and with no penalties. The ratings is done by its customers upon watching such movies

Advantages of Netflix

When it comes to movies, nothing has become so popular than Netflix. Some of the benefits and advantages of its use include:-

  • Watching movies at no cost.  Once a monthly fee has been paid there is no penalties on how long one stays with the movies.
  • Movies are shipped at your door step and can be watched in the comfort of your home or office.
  • Movies are quite cheap.  They offer some of the best current movies at relatively cheaper cost.
  • It is cheaper and customers are not stuck with a number of DVD’s as they only rent what they want to watch which they return upon completion.

The company has faced legal battle over the years with stiff competition from other companies but has managed to keep their head above water.  It has not been a bed or roses since its inception.  Netflix customers now pay a flat monthly rate for the movies they watch which include shipping.  It usually does not matter how long a customer stays with the DVD or Video as long as it is within the required period.  This has made it be one of the sort-out companies most around the United States, Europe and its environs. Customers rent at least 3 videos at any given time.  They pay a standard fee of $19.95 each month with offers of unlimited rentals. 

At the onset, customers paid per movie but this changed with time. Netflix offers its customers most of the released movies.  Not only do customers watch movies at the comfort of their homes, they are also offered freebies on movies of their choices.   They provide a monthly order list (which is updated) to their customers.  Once this has been filled out, customers receive their movies in an envelope.  They are required to return the movies in the same envelopes upon completion. The number of companies that have come up since the inception of Netflix offering the same services is many.  But despite that, Netflix still leads in video rental and their client base.