What is Network Cable

Network Cable is used for data transmission. The transfer of data is between computers and a network. Network cables are of different types. These cables are classified mainly on their structure and thus also have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most commonly used network cables are:

Twisted Pair Cable Coaxial cable Fiber optic

Twisted Pair Cable:

As the name suggests, two cables are twisted together in this, and twisted pair consists of insulator and conductors.


Inexpensive and readily available Flexible and light weight Easy to work with and install


Susceptibility to interference and noise Attenuation problem For analog, amps needed every 5-6km For digital, repeaters needed every 2-3km Relatively low bandwidth

Coaxial Cables:

Coaxial Cables have a plastic cover at outer most layers, then the insulator is fixed inside that layer, a shield is there which is also referred as outer conductor. Then again an insulator is there (placed inside the outer conductor), which is called inner conductor. The conductors share a common center axial; hence it is termed as co-axial. These cables are mostly used for cable television and LANs etc…

A relatively new transmission medium is used by telephone companies in place of long distance trunk lines. Coaxial cable is also used by private companies in implementing local data communications networks.


Higher bandwidth Can be tapped easily Much less susceptible to interference than twisted pair


High attenuation rate makes it expensive over long distance Bulky

Categories of Co-axial cables are:




Cable TV


Thin Ethernet


Thick Ethernet

Fiber Optics:

The outer portion of Fiber Optics is called cladding and the inner is called core. Data transmission takes place in the core section and is reflected back in the core only and by this way only, data is transmitted to the receiver.


Greater capacity Smaller size and lighter weight ower attenuation Immunity to environmental interference Highly secure due to tap difficulty and lack of signal radiation


Expensive over short distance Requires highly skilled installers Adding additional nodes is difficult

Another type of Network Cable which is very much used now-a- days is the Ethernet crossover cable. This cable is used to connect a computer network (consisting of two or more computers).

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