What is Network Security

Network security is the process of preventing and detecting unauthorized use of resources or to the information over a network. Prevention measure helps in stopping the unauthorized users or the intruders from accessing any part over the network. Detection helps the user in determining whether or not someone attempted to break into the system through the network and if the intruder was successful then what may have to be done. Network security is generally maintained by the system administrator.

Network security is basically the way of arriving at a solution which emphasized on the fact that the policies and procedure needs to be followed by the network administrator and at the same time the unauthorized access to the network must also be prevented.Network Security has been solving many of the problems of people and hence is used on a larger scale by many people. The network must be accessible to each and every person without creating any issue and hence it also ensures that the entire data on the network is being safe and secure.

One of the safest ways by the help of which the network security can be breached is using Packet Sniffers. Data flows through the network lines, pulling out critical data packets from these networks is called packet sniffing. This data may contain usernames or passwords, sent and received emails or it can be any data that flows through the network. If one machine on the internal network becomes compromised through a Trojan or other security breach or vulnerability, the intruder could run a packet sniffer from that machine and use the captured username and password information to compromise other machines on the network.

Anti-virus software’s should be used on the system for preventing any sort of attack over the network or from any virus and should be updated regularly as the number of viruses keeps on multiplying day by day.

System administrator uses the firewall for network security.‌ Windows Firewall or any other firewall can help alert the user to identify suspicious activity if a virus or worm attempts to connect to the user’s computer. It can also block viruses, worms, and hackers from attempting to download potentially harmful programs to his or her computer.

The system administrator should also make use of anti-adware and other malicious activities such as virus, worm (replicates themselves on the network), or Trojans should be made detected by anti-virus software’s and firewalls should never be made turned off.

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