What Is Neurology

Neurologist is the person who deals with the study of disorders in the nervous system and the person who treats nervous disorders through surgery is known as neurosurgeon. They study the causes of nerves disorders in the brain, blood vessels, nerves and muscles in order to detect the accurate way of treating the problem. Such neurological problems can be treated through medicinal treatments or through surgery.

Neurological problems differ from person to person according to their physical nature, age and various other factors. The pediatric neurologists take care of the neurological problems of children less than 18 years of age which may include complex metabolic diseases, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, muscle diseases and nerve and learning disabilities etc. The adult patients of neurological problems are taken by the usual neurologists or neurosurgeons.

Diagnosis and treatment of neurological problems

Neurology allows the Neurologists to diagnose and treat the disorders in the neurological system of a patient, as well trained professionals. They have to determine the cause of neurological disorder that has occurred recently to diagnose its severity and research for its treatment. Most of his research is based on the medical history of the patient alongwith several neurological tests to evaluate the functioning of the nervous system, mental status, cranial nerves, strength, reflexes and sensation in the system of the patient.

After completing the diagnosis process, neurologists proceed for some other tests to decide for the treatment to be given to the patient. Computed axial tomography scan, electroencephalography, electromyography and magnetic resonance imaging tests are conducted with the patient to diagnose the disorder and its treatment. Most of the disorders in the nerves systems are linked with multiple sclerosis, brain cancer, spinal cord disorders, neuromuscular junctions and peripheral nerves diseases effecting muscles.

Help of researches to the patients

The recent researches in the field of neurology have helped in establishing the mechanism of mental system to easily diagnose the neurological problems in the brain and treat them accordingly. Neurologists found new ways to treat and cure many other neurological diseases which were earlier considered as costly and untreatable problems in US.

Neurologists have been provided with the treatment methods for the stroke with clots through medication, through these researches, which is supposed to reduce the death rate to a considerable extent. Migraines, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s diseases are some of other disease that has been able to be treated through medications after these recent researches in the field of neurology. So the researches have given a good boost in treating several diseases caused by the nerves breakdown to be dealt by the neurologists.

Thus, neurology is a field of medical study that deals with the nervous problems due to disordering of the system, which are diagnosed and treated by the professional neurologists.