What Is Neuropsychology

Neuropsychology is a sub specialty of clinical psychology which studies the brain and nervous system that how do they function on a daily basis. It does not make use of the imaging exams like MRI, CT scans etc as these are only able to scan the structure of the brain. The aim of the neuropsychology is to study the components of the brain that how do we think etc. This knowledge is used to treat the patients who have some mental disorder due to some injury or other reasons. A neuropsychologist is the specialist who does all these things. He has done expertise in the neuropsychological field and has studied the brain-behavior relationships. They study the person’s way of thinking, his behavior, his attention, emotions and brain functioning. Neuropsychology has 2 areas:

  • Clinical neuropsychology and
  • Cognitive neuropsychology

Clinical neuropsychology is a branch of neuropsychology in which the specialists treat the patients who have psychological problems due to some injury or stroke. They usually have the certification from ABCN (American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology) and they work at governmental and non-governmental institutions whereas cognitive neuropsychology is a branch of neuropsychology where the specialists do not give treatment to the patients. They just conduct research work on the brain related deficits.

Clinical neuropsychologists are more trained than cognitive neuropsychologists as they are intended to provide treatment to the patients. Their job also includes providing emotional support to the patients if they need. They have more knowledge of the brain. They also have understanding of neuroanatomy and neurological diseases. They have the knowledge about the normal and abnormal functioning of the brain. They provide counseling to the patients who are psychologically unfit and make them able to live a better life full of confidence. They do not provide any medication to the patient in order to treat their problem.

They do not even perform any image scanning test like MRI, CT scan etc. They just interact with the patient in such a way that they are able to know how his brain functions. It is important to know the cause behind the abnormal functioning of his brain and the nervous system. Is it a psychological disorder or has happened due to some injury or stroke in the brain. If there are chances of injury, then they can go for MRI or CT scan just to know if they injured and treating them accordingly. With the advancement of the technology with time, neuropsychologists are using latest techniques like computer simulations and other methods to know the functioning of the brain. This can help the researchers and the neuropsychologists to develop some new ways to cure the psychological problems of the patients in a better way.