What Is Noise Anxiety

When a person’s mental conditions and thought process undergo psychological changes, he is affected by anxiety disorders. He suddenly starts worrying, gets confused and tensed because of the outer world. These are some of the physical symptoms that can help you recognize the state of anxiety in a person. Doctors have done an intensive research on the types of anxiety disorders. One can suffer from panic disorder, noise anxiety and any other phobia.

Noise anxiety is a state in which a person becomes sensitive to noise. He tends to feel uncomfortable and uneasy due to loud sounds in the environment. They get aggressive and feel stressed due to extreme noise. After conducting a number of studies and surveys, doctors have come up with a number of symptoms which can help us recognize that a person is suffering from noise anxiety. They are listed below:

  1.  When a person becomes intolerant to few sounds like people biting their nails, chewing gums, tapping of feet, clicking of pens and the like.
  2. They get frustrated because of loud music and have a desire to leave that place immediately.
  3. They can stand fights in which people tend to speak louder and shout as well.
  4. Since their ears are sensitive to noise, they can’t even handle the sound of an alarm siren, traffic noise and other sounds like barking of a dog and many more.
  5.  They experience mood swings and because of them they get irritated when they enter a noisy atmosphere from a peaceful one.
  6. Some disorders like headache, constant fear and tension without any problem.

These situations make a person feel exhausted and physically sick. So the above listed symptoms should be kept in mind so that noise anxiety can be recognized at its initial stages and also, so that it can be treated in time.

How to cure noise anxiety?

When a person feels highly irritated due to the noises that we come across on daily basis, the need of the hour is to treat the disorder. There are no medications available with the doctors that can help you cope up with noise anxiety but one can take various measures so that he doesn’t come across such situations frequently.

  1. Psychotherapy will help in understanding the root cause of the problem.
  2. Wear ear plugs when entering a noisy environment. They would help you to feel relaxed in that place
  3. Watch TV and listen to radio at a low voice.
  4. Go for pink noise therapy.

The above listed ways can be functional in helping a person who is suffering from noise anxiety. The first and foremost step that one should take is that he should get in touch with a therapist who would understand the sudden changes and find a root cause for your problem.