What is Normal Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is one of the main vital signs. Normal blood pressure means acceptable blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is defined as 120/80 i.e. systolic/diastolic. Blood pressure ranges between minimum and maximum pressure with each heart beat. It is usually defined in terms of mmHg, for e.g. 140/90 mmHg which means systolic upper limit being 140 and the lower limit 100 mm of Hg.120/80 is accepted as normal range of blood pressure. But this range varies with age and state of health. Blood pressure usually depends upon 2 factors:

  • Force of the contraction of the heart
  • The resistance in the peripheral blood vessels.

During birth, our blood pressure is usually 80/50. It rises with age and at the time when we become adult it becomes, 120/80 mmHg. In this way, with age, blood pressure continues to rise. During late pregnancy and during sleep, the blood pressure is low. To judge whether the blood pressure is high or low, it should be compared with the normal range of blood pressure. The blood pressure should remain constant and normal. If it is too high or too low, then it can be dangerous for the life of a person. Too low and too high blood pressure has equivalent possibilities of health problems. If a person has blood pressure 135/85 and another has 115/75 has equal chances of getting a heart attack or stroke. To avoid this, you should follow a healthy living style. To reduce the danger of heart attack and other problems, ideal blood pressure is very important. The first thumb rule should be adopted for analyzing your living style. You should analyze the following things about yourself according to the first thumb rule:

  • Are you are taking proper care of your health or not?
  • Do you exercise daily or not?
  • Do you overeat or under eat?
  • Do you take care of the consumption of salt and sodium in your diet?

If you have a very high or very low blood pressure, then you should at first consult a good doctor. He will prescribe you medication for it. Then you should avoid taking much of salt and sodium in your diet. It will cause your blood pressure to rise. Eat more and more fruits. You should also avoid taking alcoholic beverages. You should exercise daily for a better health such as swimming, cycling, running etc. and the most important thing is to reduce stress in your life. Do not take unnecessary tensions in your life. Stop adding troubles to your life. Keep your mind calm. These tips will definitely help you in keeping your blood pressure normal and constant.