What Is Nuclear Energy

The energy that is generated due to the nuclear fission is known as the nuclear energy. Both the heat and electricity can be generated through nuclear fission. Presently, many countries use the nuclear energy for constructive and also for the destructive purposes. The constructive purpose of the nuclear energy is to produce electricity using this energy. The destructive purpose of the nuclear energy is in the preparation of military weapons called as the nuclear weapons.

The most crucial element that is required for the production of nuclear energy is uranium. The process of the production of nuclear energy involves the mining of uranium and its processing with other radioactive elements. The other radioactive elements are feed to the nuclear reactor where through the process of fission, heat and electricity is developed. The intense heat is developed due to the nuclear fission. This heat converts the heavy water used in the reactor to steam. This steam is then moved to the steam conductors that produce electricity. The electricity is stored in the power houses to supply it to the cities.

The nuclear energy can also be used to power the engines. Its application lies in the fueling of submarine engines, where the production of heat which happens due to nuclear fission directly reaches the engine in the form of steam. The use of nuclear energy has its benefits but could prove fatal to life if not used in a safe way.

The use of nuclear power in the production of heat in nuclear reactors or in running the engines needs regular monitoring. One should be very safe about not facing the situation of having runaway nuclear reactors; the reactors should be cooled down. Else, radiation in the reactors causes various health disorders to those exposed to the radiation. Hence, lately in the nuclear reactors there are automatic supervision systems which can recognize the loophole or the defect in the reactor and can be soon corrected to avoid fatal disorders.

The natural resources of the earth are depleting on regular basis. The day when the necessary natural resources reaching depletion is not very far. Nuclear energy has great advantages. The greenhouse gases are not emitted during the heat generated due to nuclear fission. The current problems related to the nuclear energy are the disposal of nuclear fuel without harming the environment. The second problem is the mining of radioactive metals and its safe transportation, which adds cost to the nuclear energy.

Though nuclear energy has its advantages and disadvantages, the future source of energy is highly contributed by nuclear energy which would be available cheap and effective.