What is Nuclear Waste

The nuclear waste is considered as extremely dangerous for the people who get in contact, and therefore it is also recommended that it should be only handled by the person who is professionally versed about handling the nuclear waste. The Nuclear waste is considered to be even more hazardous than the chemical poisons like botulin and ricin.  This waste is basically material which is made from the nuclear fuel once the fuel is utilized in the reactor. The Nuclear waste is basically divided in three categories of waste, low level of waste, medium level of waste, and the high level of waste which is produces by the quantity of radioactivity which is produced.

The Nuclear waste look alike the nuclear fuel which is filled in reactor, it as an assemble of the rods which are made up of metal that is enclosed with the stacked pellets made of ceramic since the nuclear reaction has occurred, because contents are quite different. Before the power is produced, fuel which was generally filled was Uranium which is also known as Thorium, Steel, and oxygen.  And after that, the atoms of Uranium gets split in different isotopes of majority all kinds of transition metals which are available on the table of elements. The products of fission which are produced by the nuclear reactors that are extensively radioactive in nature and are very dangerous and hazardous for several years even if it remains as it is, moreover these products of fission  do not have any further use, and so they can easily disposed permanently. Even though these products of fission are consider as the extreme dangerous and hazardous kinds of waste. The nuclear reactor does not produces more of products of fission, generally, 1 GW nuclear reactor usually generates products of fission nearly about 3,600 pounds which is equal to 1,500 kg every year. The elements which are transuranic are even heavily radioactive, and many of these elements are also utilized as the nuclear fuel and the balance or the residual can also be fissioned safely by the acceleration of particles.

The most important and the biggest source of nuclear waste is the occurrence of radioactive material which is naturally or originally originated and is also known as NORM. Every material has slight radioactive properties which occur by the decay of isotopes which occurs naturally, like carbon-14, uranium-238, potassium-40 and thorium-232. And so if these radioactive substances are concentrated through the natural process then they will become more concentrated which is enough for considering as the nuclear waste. There is one more source of nuclear waste which is the man made nuclear reactors. Once the atoms are fissioned, both pieces of nucleus can have radioactive property, and can also take numerous years for decay and they are also known as the fission products. 

Hence, we can conclude that the nuclear waste or the radioactive waste is the waste which is the residual of nuclear reactors and system that is created originally and naturally, hence all the system and research centers that are doing the researches on the nuclear waste, and different projects which create the nuclear bomb have the nuclear waste.