What Is Obesity

The disease, which happens due to extra deposition of fat inside a person’s body, is called as obesity. When a person consumes extra calories, than he or she spends, the extra calories gets converted into fat globules and deposited in the body. Fat is found in almost each and every person’s body. When a person spends more calories than he or she in takes, the deposited fat gets dissolved and gets converted into calories.

Fat is necessary in each and every person’s body, but deposition of extra fat cause various troubles inside the human body. The disease arises due to deposition of extra fat is called as obesity and the suffering person is called as obese.

What problem happens due to extra deposition of fat? First of all, a person adds weight, when fats get deposited in his or her body. The deposition of extra fat reduces the flexibility of body parts. This means, the suffering person finds it difficult to walk, run and doing any other physical work. Inside the body the fat gets deposited around the important organs like liver, kidney and heart restricts the proper functioning of these organs. In most of the cases, an obese person suffers from high blood pressure. This is because the extra fat gets deposited inside the veins and arteries. When fat gets deposited inside the veins and arteries then it narrows the diameters of the veins and arteries. When the pipes get narrowed, the fluid flows through that with an extra bit of pressure, causing high blood pressure.

In most of the cases, obese persons suffer from heart attacks. This is because of nothing but the increased blood pressure. Increased blood pressure creates trouble in the heart and that leads to heart attack. There is a chance of brain hemorrhage because of the high blood pressure also.

The only way to combat obesity is to go for the burning of the extra fat. The fat burns, when there is a need of energy. The obese person has to do physical work, so there would be a need of extra energy. This is why labors seldom suffer from this kind of disease. A person suffering from obesity has to do some physical work or other. If there is no work to be done, then they should workout inside a gym.

Only physical work is not enough. Along with the physical work, a suffering person has to control his or her diet. An obese person can’t afford to take calorie rich food in his or her diet. They should go with foods, which are deficient in calories. If a person is taking less calories means the chance of requirement of extra energy is more and when there would be a requirement of extra energy, the fat will burn.