What is Object Code

An object code is all what a programmer needs to successfully run his/her program. Whether it be any kind of language you are using you would always have to come across this term. Suppose you have written a C++ program. How do you get it running? That’s when you use the two related terms: object code and source code. When we write the program we use some sort of a text editor or a software console to write it and then we save it in a particular file. This document which has the code written is the “source-code”. Then we do something called “compiling of a program” which is nothing but conversion of the source code to the internal language known as the machine level language of the host computer. The file containing the converted program is the “object-code” of our program.

After this we link the object code to an additional code. For e.g. C++ generally uses libraries. A C++ library, which is the collection of all the header files and in built functions which makes its compiler, contains object codes for a collection of computer routines called functions. These computer routines are the instructions used by the computer to understand what kind of functions they are being programs to work for. Thus linking combines the object code of your program with the object code of the function. And then the output of the program is available to the user. Not to mention that even object codes can be translated into other forms prior to the execution.

Let us talk about Intel’s popular Pentium II microprocessor. This processor takes the “object code” given to it and it translates it to another type of code called micro op code. You can call it just another level of simplification done by your very own compiler for things to get a bit easier for your processor. This micro op code is the code that actually gets executed by our processor. This translation takes place inside the microprocessor and for obvious reasons this method has been implicated as it was easier for the processor to execute the micro op code rather than the object code. It is very necessary to mention here that like all the other copy-write materials available on net an object code also has a copy write law and are not to be precluded as an idea, process, or method of operation.

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