What is Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy is a treatment that helps the patients to restore back their physical disabilities. 

Many occupational therapists work to accomplish some specialized tasks while there are others who provide an increased mobility and reduction of several injury risks in the patients. 

The Occupational therapy involves an entire task of restoring back the mobility of the person’s muscles and joints that have been adversely affected due to any severe accident or an injury. 

Some people who are already suffering from minor or major physical disabilities are at the greater risk of having repeated accidents and injuries too. With further injury a person may also find it very difficult to permanently restore to back the functioning of his joints and body muscles. 

An occupational therapy thus plays a major role in accessing the condition of the patients, and creating a right intervention programme to improve their physical abilities so that they are able to perform their crucial task and activities with ease and comfort. 

The therapy also involves evaluating the outcome of the treatment given to the patient, further assessment of the patient requirements and even amendments in the patient’s treatment plans if required. 

A occupational therapist makes every effort to remove the disability of a person through an effective treatment, care and play activities. The entire treatment process helps the patient to achieve maximum independence and thus enhance the quality of his or her life. 

The occupational therapy is known to be a much wider concept that covers varied branches and specialized areas. However exact role of an occupational therapist depends upon different conditions of the patient. 

Occupational therapist tend to work with disabled patients who are going through any rehabilitation program. A therapist is usually employed in a clinic, hospital or a private institution. 

The Occupational therapy consists of a range of support and services offered to the patients who are trying to recover from any minor or major injury or either going through any rehabilitation program. 

The activities involved in an occupational therapy includes conducting different tasks like picking heavy things, car driving, maintaining files, standing or sitting or general exercises. 

Various routine exercises help a patient to restore back the immobility caused due to any accident, weakness or an injury. The therapist becomes well aware of the patient’s injuries and pain and thus advices an appropriate exercise accordingly. 

This therapy treatment may continue for weeks or even months. Ultimately the duration of the treatment depends upon the conditions and will power of the patient. 

Occupational Therapy focus mainly on the people to help them live a more meaningful and active life through an effective implementation of different therapy treatment plans.