What is Olea Europaea

Olea europaea or olive tress is found in Mediterranean region and parts of Asia, Europe and Africa. It is cultivated extensively because of its medicinal properties. The herbalists which make medicines from plants or herbs widely use the fruit, oil and leaves of this tree. This is a small tree of about 7-9 meter length. They are a principle source of olive oil. It mostly blooms in spring season and it has small white, fragrant flowers.

The olive oil obtained from olea europaea also has a religious value. It is often used in religious ceremonies for sanitization purpose. During the Olympic Games, the leaves of olive tree are woven in a crown and they are a symbol of honor and victory. The branch of the olea europaea is a precursor of peace and good-will.

Olive trees can grow in a poor, but well-drained soil. It needs full sun for fruit production and slight winter for the fruit to set. But temperature below 15 degree F can slaughter this tree.

This tree has numerous medicinal values. Traditionally the leaves of olive tree were use as a tonic for our circulatory system; it was an antioxidant to prevent oxidization, astringent to clean skin. The diabetic person can use its leaves to control sugar level; it can treat urinary tract issues as well as inflammation in bladder.

Olive oil was used as ointment and its main constituents are vitamin A, E and K. if this oil is taken as a part of diet then it contain no cholesterol, fats, or sodium. It can treat constipation and digestive system related problems. This oil is also a part of beauty and skin care products.

As it is antioxidant oil so it helps in maintaining the elasticity of our skin and help our skin to face troubles due to environmental pollutants. This oil is good for mature, dry and sensitive skin. It can be mixed with water during bath.

It helps in making our nails strong and it is also beneficial for dry nails. It is also a part of lip balms it can alleviates our cracked lips when applied at bedtime.

All these were benefits of olive leaves and oil. But the fruit of this tree is also very beneficial as it contains vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B, vitamin E, minerals such as zinc, copper and magnesium are there in its fruit and these are very beneficial for our health. It helps the women from menopause symptoms, help in regeneration of cells.

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