What is Online Data Storage

Web the most complicated work place for the administrators, and same the Web least complicated and the best utility that the people across the world could get. Everyone likes the utility which comes for free (If we could skip the internet connectivity cost). Take for instance it estimation could be made it can be found out that every person in this world who has basic knowledge of the web or the internet. Big names like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo provides and unlimited space on their servers and that for free.

Now if talk about the online data storage it is the process of storing the data online not on the primary storage device of a user, for instance suppose a user has some of the most important document which he cannot store on his PC as that could be vulnerable to be seen by the other, occurrence of which could affect him. Other if a person wants to access the data at some remote location where is cannot carry his system, it is possible with the help of the online data storage.

Now how does this phenomenon work, Talking from the point of view of the big organizations who has their offices spread throughout the world and need to share the information among themselves for business continuity, online data storage is the applied by them, in this theses organization have their own server farms and datacenters, a datacenter has all the equipment that is required for storing, retrieving and accessing the data and information available with an organization. These data are stored using different tools and techniques. The managing of datacenter is one of the most complex task which includes the deployment of best RAID technique, Backup, Efficient use of the storage devices, Making the access more secured and faster, Cashing, Implementation of the smart storage which includes the deployment of the devices like cache, HBA’a, ports etc. There are software’s which manages these datacenters some of them are graphical and some are just command line.

After the installation of infrastructure the organization users send the data to the datacenter and now it’s the duty of the datacenter devices to store the data in a more efficient manner and with optimum speed, where as when the data is requested by the user that data must be made available to him at 24X7 basic.

So the availability of data at 24X7 basis from a datacenter for big organization and accessing the data from mail and docs available for small users by organization , this kind of data stored/retrieved, the complete process is called online data Storage

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