What is Oral Prophylaxis

Oral prophylaxis is also known as “professional cleaning” as this procedure is used by doctors to remove bacterial plaque and tartar from the surface of teeth and gums. In this method high-tech devices and ultrasonic instruments are used. This cleaning is not done for aesthetic reasons because its main aim is to prevent oral infections, decay, and other oral complications.

In this medical procedure high-tech devices are used so it is very expensive moreover the time required for operation is also more. But after having this treatment patients is reassured from all pains. The equipment that is mainly used in it is automatic scalers which don’t cause any pain. These are of two types: – magnetostrictive system and piezoelectric system. The first system treats by producing a lot of heat while the other does not generate any heat.

Automatic scalers can be bulky. Noisy and expensive but they are comfortable for patient. Other scalers called sonic scalers are also used in which water and compressed air is passed through a hose. The air pushes the water at a high speed which helps in cleaning the teeth.

Oral prophylaxis is also recommended to the people who are starting braces to treat their crooked teeth because after wearing braces it is not comfortable to clean teeth.

It is not a substitute to brushing teeth, flossing and visiting dentist. Oral prophylaxis can be taken if you have severe stained teeth due to excessive use of tea, coffee or wine. There are some tools that can be used at home to clean teeth and gums.

It is very safe procedure. Some people suppose that after getting oral prophylaxis their teeth will become loose but this myth is not true. This procedure should be performed by experienced and licensed doctors.

Some problems that are there in ultrasonic scalers are:-

It can be dangerous for the people who have pacemakers. It can reduce tactile sense.

Noise produced during this procedure can be irritating.

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