What Is Organic Calcium

Calcium is the most important mineral required by our body. Majority of calcium is stored in teeth and bones and a body deficient in calcium can not function properly. It also puts the body at risk of developing osteoporosis, which can cause frequent fractures of bones.

Milk and dairy products like yoghurt, cottage cheese are considered to be the best sources of calcium. Collard greens, kale, turnip greens are the best sources of calcium which is readily absorbed by the body.

What most people are not aware of is the fact that our body can only utilize organic calcium efficiently and not the inorganic one. In nature, calcium is found in organic and inorganic forms. It is important to know what the organic and inorganic forms are. Organic calcium is obtained from plant sources like algae. Inorganic calcium is obtained from animal dairy products and is not utilized by the body. In fact, inorganic calcium is poorly absorbed by the body and not calcium reaches the bones.

Most commonly found calcium supplements are obtained from rocks and available in the form of calcium carbonate. Calcium phosphate and calcium sulphate are also inorganic forms. Most Calcium carbonate, for example, is excreted out of urine and not absorbed by the body.

Calcium orotate, calcium aspartate, calcium ascorbate are organic forms of calcium with high absorption rate. But these are very difficult to find and are expensive too.  These forms are given to people with osteoporosis. Calcium amino acid chelates is the next available option which has a higher absorption rate and are relatively easy to find. The organic forms of calcium are better absorbed by the body than the mineral or inorganic forms.

Not relying too much on calcium supplements and taking plenty of calcium rich plant food is still the best bet. Cabbage, kale, white and black beans, broccoli are rich sources of calcium. Green leafy vegetables except Spinach contain calcium. Spinach is not good for calcium absorption. Salmons and sardines also contain high levels of calcium. Unhulled sesame seeds are another excellent source of calcium. Almonds are also good source of calcium, fiber, and other minerals which are required for good bones.

Calcium is most abundant mineral found but still its absorption is difficult as it depends on many factors. It requires vitamin D, magnesium for absorption. Also, the acid levels in the body will decide how much calcium can be absorbed. Excessively high levels of acid in body will lead to calcium leaching out from bones and teeth and body will need more calcium.