What is Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease in which patient’s bones become very thin and weak. They become fragile and brittle. They easily break and patient can have fracture very easily. It occurs when bones lose minerals and calcium and become more prone to fractures than the people whose bones are rich in minerals and calcium. Even a minor accident can cause serious bone fractures. So the patient has to be very cautious.

Any bone in your entire body can be a victim of osteoporosis but the most common bones which are usually gets infected with osteoporosis are hip bones, wrist, spine, upper arm etc. This disease is also called as silent disease as it does not show any symptoms or indications of it. This condition if left untreated, then it can take the right of independent living of the patient away. It can even lead to the premature death of the patient. It causes changes in the postures of the patient.

The risk of osteoporosis increases with the age. It can affect both men and women. With the increase in technology and science, it is possible to cure osteoporosis. As earlier said that osteoporosis can continue to damage your bones without any symptoms, but sometimes the patient may feel pain in the infected area, difficulty in standing. It can also cause pain in the joints and the patient will find it difficult to stand or to sit straight, but still the person would not be able to know this problem until he/she gets a painful and a serious fracture. Its early detection is very essential for proper and effective treatment. if you are experiencing these symptoms then you should immediately consult a good doctor so that if you are suffering from osteoporosis then you can get the proper treatment without any further damage and delay.

Elderly people feel more serious consequences of this disease as if a bone gets a fracture, it is very difficult to repair that bone. They might have to live their rest of the life with the broken bone which can be very painful. The people who have medical history of osteoporosis should remain cautious and they should visit the doctor regularly for the examination. Osteoporosis also depends on the factors like sex, HIV, smoking etc. Women as compared to men are more prone to this disease as after menopause, their body suddenly shows a drop in the estrogen hormone which can cause loss of minerals and calcium in the bones which makes the bones weaker. It can be cured with proper and regular medical treatment and a little change in the life style.