What is Otolaryngology

Otolaryngologists are the doctors who complete five years full time surgical residency training. They will have one year training in general surgery and four years training in head and neck surgery.  Previously it would be of two to three years.  But the term was extended to five years.  They will have some subspecialty fellowship training in which they can take different subjects as their specialization like head and neck, facial plastics, otology, neurootology, rhinology or sinus, laryngology, pediatrics, sleep etc.  An Otolaryngologist who did specialization in the nose is called rhinologist, who focus on the study of ears is call otologists and vice versa. This subspecialty training will be for 1-2 years.  These otolaryngologists can complete the surgeries from delicate to complex tissues of the head and neck.

Mostly head and neck will have many interconnected systems.  Many doctors found out the latest techniques and tools for looking at the structures of head and neck.  Thus they could give rise to a new system of medical specialty especially in head and neck regions.  This is the oldest system in United States but became most popular in these days.  From ancient greek era, you can observe many developments in this study.

The doctors who do specialization in Otolaryngology use the equipment related to ENT like otoscopes, laryngoscopes etc in order to examine the patients.  Many diagnostic tools shall be used for the treatment of head and neck region parts.  Problems related to head and neck parts shall be treated by consulting the experienced otolaryngologists.  Even the doctors and medical practitioners also refer to these otolaryngologists as they are well experienced persons.

Sometimes specialized doctors will also treat other ailments like cleft lips and palates problems.  As they have completed master degree in general medicine, they can treat other ailments also.  Additional training and taking fellowships on sub specialties give them extra knowledge and experience. After the completion of full training of sub specialty they can apply for board certification.  But they must be fully able to diagnose and manage diseases of the sinuses, oral cavity, larynx or their specialty of head and neck regions ailments in children and adults.  

For the people who loss hearing and ear related disorders can be easily treated by the consultation of Otolaryngologists.  Ear infections, ear noise, facial and cranial nerve disorders, skull base, temporal bone, nasal allergies, problems related to sense of smell, larynx problem,sinus problems can be easily treated by these specialists.  Every year most of the people are suffering from chronic sinusitis each year.  It is the common complaint for majority of people.  Doctors with nose specialization shall treat all sinus problems at their best.  If you find any problem related to head and neck regions, consulting the Otolaryngology specialists of that part gives you best results.

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