What is Overclocking

Overclocking is basically defined as the process of increasing the speed of any computer by modifying their components. When you buy a device from market it has specific parameters which are provided to you by the manufacturer. These parameters have certain limit. We can increase these limits of parameters of the component by modifying them. This process is known as overclocking.

This is done by different techniques such as increasing the clock rate, changing the CPU components by multiplying their parameters etc. For the process of overclocking, voltage must also be changed accordingly as per the requirement. These results in more consumption of power and increment in the generation of heat by the device, but all these drawbacks doesn’t matter if you are getting a fast operating speed from your device.

Also in the reverse condition, the speed of the device can be decreased in order to decrease the consuming power and less heat generation. This process is known as Underclocking.

There are various components which have ability to be overclocked. Some of them are Random Access Memory of the device, Hard Disk of the device, Graphics Cards, Audio Cards etc.

For the process of overclocking, we should keep in mind some of the necessary rates in certain parameters such as whether the device getting sufficient voltage after the process of overclocking. Generally, a predefined voltage is given to the device on which it works properly. After the process of overclocking, the voltage rate will automatically increase. Be sure that the parameters of the device must be in the range of that voltage rate. In the condition of increment of voltage rate after overclocking one should provide the required voltage to the device.

Second thing that has to be considered is the cooling rate of the device. The circuit of any electronic device generates heat which is because of the movement of current in the circuit. The hat generation will increase if your device is overclocked because the increment in the clock frequency increases the heat generation.

There are various benefits of overclocking, which leads this process worldwide. This process is very much cost efficient as anyone purchase a device of lower clock rate or performance and increase its clock rate to higher level. If we use the process of overclocking, we can gain much knowledge about the hardware of our computer. Increasing the clock rate will increase the operating speed of the computer and we will achieve better performance of our device in different multimedia activities such as gaming, watching videos etc.

Overclocking process also have some drawbacks such as this will increase the power consumption, reduction in the life of the semiconductor components due to their operation in high voltage and heat. The cooling fans used to reduce the heat will work faster and this will create some noise.