What Is Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is defined as the damaged caused to a cell, tissue or organ due to oxidative process. This process is same which causes apple to brown and iron to rust. You can see this process in almost each and every thing around us. It destroys the healthy brain cells. It is caused due to free radicals which are highly reactive molecules. It can cause short term memory loss. If you forget names, find it difficult to remember words and misplace things frequently, then you are suffering from oxidative stress. These moments are called senior moments and whenever you are experiencing these moments then you are suffering from oxidative stress. This disease is called Alzheimer. It can also cause cancer and it also has an effect on body’s aging process. Other diseases which can be caused due to oxidative stress are heart diseases, arthritis, lung diseases, diabetes, autoimmune diseases etc. If your body has enough antioxidants, then it can minimize oxidative stress. Antioxidants control the free radicals that are the main cause of this problem. Your lifestyle and your habits have a big impact on the amount of antioxidants your body has. If your smoke or drink then your body will have less antioxidants as compared to the people who don’t smoke or drink. If you are more exposed to the environmental pollution like emission from automobiles and industries, exposure of ionizing radiation etc., then also you will have less antioxidant to fight with the free radicals. It can also be caused due to excess stress, excessive exercise or due to prescription or over the counter medications. To increase the amount of antioxidants in your body, then you should take healthy diet which is rich in antioxidants like diet with vitamin E, vitamin C. Tomato and citrus fruits like oranges, grapes, lemon etc. also contain large amount of antioxidants and can prove to be a very powerful antioxidants for your body. Tomato has a pigment called lycopene which is very beneficial. Tea and carrots are also very good antioxidants and can prevent you from oxidative stress. People who have healthy and nutritious diet rich in vitamins etc. like fruits and vegetable have less risk of oxidative stress as compared to the people who do not consume such diet. Diet comprises of fruits and vegetables can prevent you from cancer too that is also a very hazardous effect of oxidative stress. Antioxidants are very important for our body to prevent harmful effects of oxidative stress. As our lifestyle increase, the need of antioxidants of our body also increases. So we should take healthy food as this is the only thing which can reduce the effect of oxidative stress.