What is Palliative Care

For patients suffering from life threatening diseases and illnesses, Palliative care can be said to be that approach which improves the patient’s quality of life and that of their families and helpers. Through palliative care early recognition and detection of the disease and ways to deal with the same are focused on.

Patient’s predicament such as physical, psychological and spiritual stress related to the disease need to be addressed and dealt with. Palliative care deals with:

  • Providing pain relief and relief from other pains, aches and troubles related to the same.
  • Enhancing the quality of life thereby bringing about a positive influence on the illness.
  • Improving the life for as long as possible by bringing happiness and positivity in patient’s behavior.
  • Brings about an acceptance of mortality and understanding of humans being mortal and dying being a normal occurrence to life.
  • Making a peaceful acceptance that life can neither be extended nor death hastened.
  • Offering a support system to the patient’s family to deal with the impending finality of death.
  • Contributing active support to the patients life to make it as normal as possible till death.
  • Integrating spiritual and psychological feature of terminally ill patient car.
  • As a team effort, helping the patient and the family in their various requirements.

Palliative care should be introduced early in the treatment along with other therapies and life style changes for better impact on the treatment. Palliative care is the premier inclusion in treatment that helps deal with distressing clinical complications and helps in making the patient and family aware of the disease. Learning to accept the disease and the related treatment also needs counseling and behavioral changes.

Another name for palliative care is comfort care. Since the main purpose of palliative care is to provide comfort and relief and not cure. A terminally ill patient offer suffers from the dilemma of being a burden on the family and wishing an early death free from pain and uncertainty. The basic premise of palliative care is to provide comfort from such thoughts and actually ease the disease with pain management and symptom management.

Health services can go beyond the clinical bio medical treatment of diseases. Death with dignity, mental contentment need to be addressed in patients. The need to not feel like an object or specimen also has to be dealt with. Palliative care addresses all these points and offers comforting solutions and therapies. Thus the name comforts care.

For children suffering from chronic disorders, palliative care deals in providing total active care. Pediatric treatments are more case sensitive. Here the body, mind, spirit social psychological and physical distress all are dealt with.