What is Pantothenic Acid

Probably a term of Pantothenic acid is still unfamiliar in public. Most people still recall it as Vitamin B. Often used as healing nutrient and supplement, this magical nutrient is recognized to provide powerful healing treatment. A study in 1999 hinted that Pantothenic acid gave more stable treatment for healing wounds at any level. Even an activity in blood and liver is successfully enhanced after taking this powerful acid. There’s no denial that technology has brought medical field into much better way and with the invention of Pantothenic acid, you will find powerful healing system to go.

What’s the heck of Pantothenic acid? This question firstly appears in mind when initially this term is outspoken. It comes from water soluble nutrient that acts as a precursor to coenzyme A. To synthesize fatty acid; Coenzyme A is basically needed amid metabolism process.

In a research, the efficacy of Pantothenic acid was carefully examined. This nutrient was injected into mice, and the results showed drastic reduce of LDL Cholesterol and triglycerides. The research has proven the efficacy of Pantothenic acid in stabilizing body metabolism and restoring health. There is still no rule about recommended dosage of Vitamin B5 in the body. In a rare situation, people will suffer Vitamin deficiency if they are lack of these nutrients. If body contains less Vitamin B5, people with suffer numbness, nausea and fatigue. The symptoms will disappear soon after Vitamin B5 returns into normal stage inside body. Just because, deficiency isn’t good at all, then you plan to get high dose of Pantothenic acid into body. Well, this thought is absolutely not mindful. The dose above 5 gr could trigger fatigue and nausea. Even for higher dose, it leads to more severe problems such as diarrhea and so on. Unfortunately, people still don’t recognize some advantages after taking Pantothenic acid. That’s why it still needs more campaign into publics for sharing necessary information about health.

The intake of Pantothenic acid can improve cardiovascular health and prevent heart attack. The danger of heart attack can’t be undermined at all. Without any warnings, it suddenly attacks the sufferers and cut out their lives. Thus to prevent this bad effect be sure to stick on this nutrient to reduce cholesterol and eliminate the causes of heart attack. Your stressing life will be more alleviated with such treatment.

Good sources of Pantothenic acid are Egg Yolks, Rice, Fish, Meats, Whole Grains, Avocado and Broccoli. To avoid vitamin deficiency, be sure to include the sources into daily menu. It is practically useful to keep body health and prevent heart attack. Don’t worry about side effects, no toxic was reported at the nutrient. Be sure to have proper dosage of Pantothenic acid to avoid deficiency.

In the attempt on improving the cholesterol profile, the Pantothenic acid is basically needed to reduce cholesterols. This nutrient is powerful enough to revive your body and make sure all inside organs are arranged well without causing any problems. With regular intake of vitamin B6 and good exercise, all worries about heart attack will go away. At last, it’s worth nutrient to improve your life, just make a try!