What Is Parcel Post

Parcel post is method of sending parcels through postal services of the postal administration. Parcel post service is usually characterized by a slower delivery as compared to the normal mail post but it is relatively inexpensive when you want to send heavy weight parcels containing any form of goods. When the parcel to be sent is not very urgent and contains goods which cannot be sent otherwise by any other mode, a parcel post is used. The charges are levied depending upon the weight of the goods in the parcel and the destination to which it is to be sent.

Parcel Post has its origin in Great Britain where it was started by Great Britain postal service in the year 1882. These parcel posts could be delivered within local, domestic and national boundaries as well as foreign locations. After three years, this service was amended and 19 more countries were included in the list of parcel destinations. Thus, it became quite handy for people to send goods to whomsoever they wanted in foreign countries. A similar service was started in the United States by the United States Postal Service (UPSC). Under the regulations of UPSC, a person sending a parcel within the domestic boundaries can send a parcel weighing up to 70 pounds. In 1887, United States finally started international parcel post.

Many companies these days opt for parcel couriers, but companies can benefit using a parcel post service. When shipping bulk goods regularly, a parcel post offers a good discount. Apart from this, they also offer the sender and the receiver a proof of deliver (POD) and you can insure your items and the amount is calculated on the basis of the value of goods in the parcel post. Also, a parcel post normally delivers within 3-5 days, so not at all slow that ways. Also, if the delivery is urgent, a parcel post can be delivered the next day too. The cost for this particular case remains higher as compared to normal parcel post. Apart from that, people sending items such as jewelry will have to bear higher cost so it’s better to get such items insured while sending by parcel post lest they get misplaced.

A Parcel Post is one of the most effective services which enables a person deliver his goods to anyone concerned. It is generally regulated by each country’s national postal services. Since the cost is relatively low, the rate of delivery is also slower as compared to other courier services. The speed parcel service of Parcel post also has started a tracking system to enable people track their goods and that where it has reached at what day.