What is Pathology

Pathology is the unique medical speciality which comprises of two words in itself Pathos means Suffering and logos means study , means the study of diseases or suffering. The depth of any disease is studied at a cellular and tissue level. The pathology can be studied on various homo-sapiens as well as on fauna called Veterinary Pathologists and flora called Botanical Pathologists in order to know how the injuries occurred to the cells or tissues or to know the cause of the death. For Eg: The common example of pathology is testing the patient’s urine to test the diabetes, if the urine is sweet ,then the patient is suffering from diabetes mellitus.

Pathology is done by the various pathologists . Pathologists are those doctors who diagnose the disease in living patients by examining their blood samples or biopsies (a medical test of tissues ,cells that are extracted from body of patient) . Pathology is useful in cancer detection with the help of biopsies. Pathologists may also work on the Autopsies . An autopsy is an examination and dissection of a dead@body to determine cause@of@death or the changes produced by disease. Pathologists have many job oppurtunites they can be teachers in medical colleges , they can be a laboratory manager(which includes chemistry, microbiology, cytology, blood bank etc ).

The Branch of Pathologists is also divided into various streams discussed below:

General Pathology : It deals with the understanding of the mechanisms of injury of cells and tissues and to repair those injuries.

Anatomical Pathology : It deals with the diagnosis of disease based on gross ,microscopic ,chemical and molecular examination of organs ,tissues. It include various other kind of pathologies:

Surgical pathology : It is the time consuming area of practice which involves the microscopic examination of surgical examples.

Cytopathology : It deals with the microscopic examination of whole cells obtained from smears or fine needles.

Forensic pathology: The branch which deals with determining the cause of death.

Dermatopathology : It focuses on the skin as an organ.

Clinical Pathology :It is concerned with the diagonosis of disease based on body fluids such as blood and urine.

Digital Pathology: It involves the computer technology that allows the management of information generated from digital slide.

Hematopathology: It includes the study of the blood cells (white ,red blood cells and platelets)

Veterinary Pathology : It deals with diagonosis the disease through examination of animal tissues and body fluids.

PsychoPathology : It is the study of mental illness ,mental distress and behaving abnormal.


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