What is Pay as You Go Broadband

Being connected to the internet is the prime requirement of any business. And in support of this trends pertaining to technologies have existed modified developed and reinforced proving the user requirement and fulfilling their demands.

During the early times the user had access to the wired network where he can only get connected to the internet using the fixed line connections which though provides him the network connectivity but in the expense of mobility. This technique was well suited during the earlier networks but with time development in business and because of the globalization the requirement became more robust and complementary. So some solutions have to be developed. More network speed and reliability was required.

The solution which came into the existence was that of broadband. Broadband is the internetworking technology which has the capability of high speed internet with more advanced security features and connectivity options.

The broadband make use of high speed connectivity mediums like copper wires or the fiber optics. these required high cost of establishment for the infrastructure and also the machinery that is required to handle the task.

Broadband is considered to be as the most flexible and cost effective medium. Broadband has the flexibility of providing the users with the kind of packages they want on the basis of their requirement. The payment options are available on the basis of the speed which is being offered, the amount of data that could be downloaded in a particular interval of time. There are options where the charges are being made completely at once for the whole month and the user can use that for complete month and can have unlimited downloads. Whereas the other options include just the rental for surfing and the extra charges are there for downloading. Pay as you go broadband is one of the applications to it.

Pay as you go broadband is a technique where a user is charged only for the application to it.