What is PDD

When someone is born in this world, it is considered as normal and usual for one to develop with time gradually. As an individual grows and develops, he or she also learns the procedure of communicating and interacting with people. This is one of the major signposts of early development in children. However, there are many unfortunate children who fail to attain such a significant development. Such children are said to suffer from a problem termed as Pervasive Developmental Disorder. The problem is pervasive as it will progress in severity as the individual grows and becomes older. So, an indivdual may be rendered socially unable for lifetime.

When someone is trying to know everything about PDD(Pervasive Developmental Disorders), it is important to know that it is not a single problem. The term PDD is used to describe any of the number of problems, which render a person handicapped and disabled in social interactions and communications. There are many problems and mental disorders, whihc fall into this category. Let’s have a glimpse at them.

The most common problem termed as one of the developmental problems is that of autism. Few Others are Rett’s Disorder,Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, Asperger’s Disorder. It is generally diagnosed right at the early stages of post-natal development. When the age arrives for the development of speech and interaction abilities, an autistic child would be unable to talk clearly. He or she would be also unable grasp the real meaning of what the parents or others are saying to him. This event should be recognized as one of the origins of autism and other developmental problems as well. Things soon become severe from thereon. The child experiences some serious problems in communication and comprehension.

The most common symptoms of any of the PDD problems include a passive and inactive way of communicating with people. The victims of PDDs face the inability to make gestures, or facial expresssions while talking or interacting with other people. The same person may feel socially detached or alienated. In the more severe cases of autism, the person is totally unable to comprehend any meaning out of what anyone says him or her. There is also a difficulty in understanding languages and complex situations. There are also repetitive movements, difficulties in using language and tools as well as repulsion and hostility to specific colors and objects.

While any victim of any PDD might be rendered disabled with such failings, the same person may be exceptionally potent with some uncanny and unprecedented abilities and skills. An autistic might be good in solving complex mathematical problems and also some complicated tasks. It should be rembered that autistics and other people victim to the PDDs can benefit from some good care and consideration. They should be treated with love. Moreover, they should be aided in the everyday tasks of communication or also the comprehension of social interactions and spoken conversations. This will help them to cope with their troubles. 

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