What Is Pedagogy

Pedagogy most commonly used in education. Pedagogy is a Greek word that signifies to lead the child. And pedagogue is a tutor or an educator. Eventually meaning of pedagogy has found very distinct meaning of creating an educational process resulting in knowledge transfer to students. To be more specific, Pedagogy is not all about playing some videos in classes or assessments indeed it is a process which is created for learner that helps them choose tasks or assignments they are interested in. Generally, pedagogy starts from content, way of presentation and once all ingredients to learning process is set that can be summarised after evaluation. And such a task which can be executed very efficiently by creating online or offline lesson plans in a cognitive psychological way of learning which reaches the mental form of learning; this process is called Pedagogy.

The outputs of pedagogy are that the learner can provide better contribute towards learning process by gaining awareness at every stage of learning process. The skills of pedagogy can be used in accomplishing few activities or tasks. Activities are basically tools designed in learning process with necessary information embedded in it as mentioned earlier it may be in the form of CDs or materials. However, activities will stand as major factor to conclude tasks. Tasks will be definitely chosen to arrive at results. Certainly pedagogy is proposed to afford necessary knowledge, familiarity and desired results in the process of learning.

Eventually, pedagogy as a process comprises a variety of tasks and activities. Basic skeleton of generic pedagogy is usually followed in the process. However all steps are not mandatory but can be chosen in relevance to assigned task or an activity. Generic pedagogy first initiates to determine understanding, choose focus having handsome preceding learning and confidence, design task by preparing necessary tools, complete task. Further to the accomplishment of task; check on the correctiveness and application of learning and transfer learning to learners. The equilibrium and prominence set to the support of tutor and learner at every stop mentioned above may vary significantly. We should thank number of people have made a say to their theories of pedagogy. Social pedagogy in United Kingdom has considerably growing by contributing towards resident children in England also hiring more and more social pedagogues for training internal staff.

Consequently Mr. Mildred Andrews has said that the “The successful teacher is demanding; he never tolerates anything less than a student’s best efforts and insists on accuracy and proper fingering.   The organ must be presented as a musical instrument.”